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Welcome baaaaack!

Howdy peeps! has been taken over by and we decided it is time to revive this sleeping horse.

Saddle-up and get ready to rumble, we will be posting new shit whenever the hell we feel like it. So sign up for updates, or on our mailing list, or don’t, whatever.

Weekend party starter

It’s finally friday, and that means the start of the weekend. That in turn obviously means our all important weekend party starter to kick-off your jumping jamming weekend.

Now, it is the first weekend of December, and because we go hard on December weekends, as it is the festive season in South Africa, and to countdown the weekends until new-years, we will be putting up two bangers every friday instead of one as usual.


Weekend party starter

Today my friends, marks a special days in our hearts. It is a friday, but more than that. It is month-end pay weekend. But even more than that, it is the last day of November. So, that means that this weekend is the kick-off of the end of the year, December festive season, and it is DEEP summer here in sunny South Africa. This means, braais, pool parties, beach parties, Joburg clubbing, Durban beach tanning, and all the bushveld bakkie parties we can muster. So enjoy the kick-off to our favourite time of the year, and start it off with a banger of note.



Weekend party starter in Africa

First up, people reckon we can’t throw it down here on the dark continent. They are sadly mistaken, when us okes in Africa hear a lekker tune, we throwdown proper! Here is a funny clip of it:

But don’t be discourage because it was so short. Get a few tjommies in your car and on your way out, put up this full tune. Initially they might think you are a mood-breaker, but as soon as the beat drops, they will thank you for the jam.