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Sunday Slam

This week on Sunday Slam, we are doing a truck edition with only pickup trucks, or as we okes know them, bakkies. You know how the saying goes, if it ain’t scraping, you’re not low enough!! Damn I wish our government actually used all our taxes for what it was meant, so we can also have roads good enough for slammed rides.


slammed-2004-chevrolet-3500-crew-cab-dually slammed f150 maxresdefault JDM_Truck_Toyota_Tacoma_BBS_RS_01 crews 1108mt-17+envy-frenzy-decade-strong-custom-truck-show+slammed-truck 1963Chevy_Truck1 1967 slammed 2103-texas-heatwave-truck-show-77-slammed-chevy-silverado 4824144601_f4a76d201b_o 1104cct-19-+19th-annual-slamfest-event+slammed-black-truck 1002clt_04_z+1955_chevy_pickup_truck+lowered_suspension 8 7d9e9dbbfe3ae1b83fe1fd93aec6b440 Truck-3-retro-slammed

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