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Sunday Slam ‘Cedes

Sup folks!! We have decided to do a two part series of sunday slam, on the one and only, the original passion-wagon, the original road ship, the Mercedes Benz. We love these slammed German luxury vans so much we simply could not just show them all in one week. So here we go with part 1


1975-Mercedes-Benz-Model-230.4-c-Stance-Nation 1902 10ykwme 2z6h26r Rat-mercedes sickbenz 1zohgs4 2ch54ll Mercedes_e320_coupe_widebody_2 Mercedes_e320_coupe_widebody_4 Mercedes_e320_coupe_widebody_5 06062009194 09w108 tumblr_ln304s1hLO1qzut9po1_1280 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA MG_5207 8339256083_ca7dd5fd0d_o5 mercedes-benz-airride Phils-Benz-Stance-Lyfe-lo-res 2261855297 2893764304_96a2c36215_o 3096901832_64e58aa6b3_o 3363474817_b8a4986dc9_b 3383453278_c101ab63e3_b