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Friday Flavour

Sup peeps. The week is finally over, so here to get the energy going before the weekend officially starts, we recommend this friday flavour today, it is going down smooooooth!!


And then as usual something extra for the eye to slip it down with.


Remember to check back just after lunch as we officially kick of the weekend with the weekend party starter!!!

Friday Flavour!

Aweness my brahs and brahettes!! As you know it is almost the start of the WEEKEND!!! So it’s time to get your friday flavour on. Here is todays friday flavour.


But buy somme a few of these lekke okes because they will mix will with tonights hardwood.


Aweness!!! No better way to celebrate the return of Mountain Dew in SA than to enjoy a few Jagie & Dews!!!


So get them cold so long and enjoy while listening to the Weekend Party Starter that we will post up in an hour or so.