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Trailer Park Dictionary


  • Aweness – (pronounced: Ah-Weh-ness) is a word that was officially invented by at one of our famous jols. Used in a number of ways with a number of meanings.Usually used by a champ of note. Can be used as a greeting, acknowledgement or approval by a champ. Or can be used to describe something super cool, awesome, retro or boss. Sometime, an extra “ness” is added for even more impact.

Much like the word Awe (pronounced Ah-Weh) from which it stems, aweness is a very versatile word that can be used in a number of ways.

As a greeting:Champ John: Yo Steven, sup sun?
Champ Steven: Aweness!

As an exclamation of agreement:Champ John: Duidelike pair tekkies you got on your bakkie boet.
Champ Steven: Aweness ness!

As an exclamation of excitement:Champ John: Hey, Steven, I got us a bottle of Jagies and Monsters for mix.
Champ Steven: Aweness ness boooeeeetttt!!!


  • B-town skebankee – It is something that one usually calls a china from the B-triangle on the East Rand, you know, Boksburg, Benoni and Brakpan. This word was also invented by upon driving through the East Rand, and passing mostly Corsa lites with tailfins and coffee tins for exhausts.
  • Broo’chie or broochie – It is the quintessential term for an ICE cold beer. As mostly used by Champs, and guys with Mullets.
  • Braknaaipan – A chaaina term used to refer to the greater Brakpan, Nigel are. Also playing slightly on the term of naaing a brak, as in screwing a pooch, like little horny boys in those towns often are caught doing… Usually boets also go there to get their Opel Kadett 200TS tjooned.


  • Champ – It implies an boet who is above average in being a lekke oke. A guy you can go to a jol with, and a guy that is not a douche. Can be used to tell your friends about him or salute him: “Warra Champ!”
  • Champ status – It is used to describe whether a boet qualifies as a boykie or a champ.










  • LA – How boytjies refer to the Lower Alberton area. So if you for instance see an oke with some spiky hair wearing a surf t-shirt, boardshorts and tekkies with socks. No doubt he’s a LA boytjie. Also as often seen at the Spar and other stores in the South of Joburg, the LA boytjies with their secret socks and slops.



  • Naughts – Kiff slang word used instead of the word “no”. As mostly used by Champs, and guys with Mullets.

Question: “Howzit my brutha, do you have a light?”

Answer: “Naughts bru!”






  • SKULLET – This is the haircut you rock, when ALL your luck has run out. So if you for instance are one of the unfortunate MFs that has been dealt with some brain issues to the point where you reckon its normal and you wear your hair in a mullet, BUT it got even worse as then you got dealt even more bad cards due to the fact that you have the male baldness gene as well. Yup, this is a bald guy with a mullet. Only acceptable if you are a badass MF and you are wearing it on purpose with some matching gotcha vests.









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